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As a teen, my parents wanted me to have a best friend so they got me a dog.

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Back then, puppies were free and they were mixed breeds.

In 2003 I decided to purchase a purebred dog from a dear friend, Maureen Adams. I had gotten to know her from raising our kids. As I learned from her expertise, I decided to start breeding dogs. After careful consideration, I purchased my second breed; a Portuguese water dog followed by a third breed, a Maltese. We now have 4 Portuguese Water Dogs, two Golden Retrievers and one Maltese.

This may seem chaotic to some but there exist this wonderful pack mentality that keeps everyone in their place – kids included.

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A pup’s first 8 weeks are critical. Their early exposure to adults, kids and other dogs in our home makes for a well balanced dog. We have found that when placed, they quickly adjust to their new family. House training is usually easy and quick. See our Services page for more information.

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