Finally, after moving to Nova Scotia and having our own home, my husband and I knew we wanted a puppy and what breed we wanted.  After doing some searching we found a breeder in East Chester.  She had an ad on Kijji at that time.  I e-mailed her and she answered right away.  We went to see the puppies which were beautiful, but decided on an older puppy, not the new born puppies.  Our choice has been a great one for us.
  Jane informed us of some of the traits of the Portuguese and what we should feed it and other helpful hints on training.  We still visit Jane every 6 weeks for her to groom our kid in the fur coat.
  I have recommended Goldwater Kennels to others who have shown an interest in our dog. We think this breeder is a kind and loving person and a great help when searching out a pet.  Because of this we have a wonderful loving pet that we are totally thrilled with. 
Phyllis & John

   During a photo shoot at Goldwater Kennels, I got a good look and feel for this remarkable facility. Jane Bond leads the venture with expertise and enthusiasm - it's obvious she's loved by the dogs - both Goldwaters' and visitors who arrive for grooming, doggie daycare or longterm boarding. Her own charges, whether they're Portuguese Water Dogs, Golden Retrievers or Maya the Maltese, are happy and healthy.  

   All dogs have the run of the house, a spacious backyard for boisterous playtime and a wonderful walkabout routine through the woods to the lake by trail.

   Goldwater Kennels is so much more than breeding great good looks, Jane believes in the companionship of a dog - made even more so through quality bloodlines and giving her puppies an early start in obedience training. She brings to them a good background in the fine art - two of her dogs are obedience champions. 

   I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Goldwater Kennels - it was a treat to be in the midst of so many wonderful dogs! 

Jodie Turner